Our Mission


The mission of Kornblit Tours is to take advantage of the amazing place that is New York.  People travel far and wide to come to New York. We live here and want to share it with our neighbors from our own backyards as well as visitors from distant places.  A Kornblit Tour will be fun, entertaining, educational, and delicious!


Our Tour Guides, Susan and Steve Kornblit




I grew up in a house with a history teacher for a dad, a librarian for a mom, and a sister who was an encyclopedia for all things to do with history, art, and philosophy. My dad had a passion for bakeries, (some favorites were the Eclair on 72nd St. and the Kleine Konditerai on 86th St. once considered German town), and would explore NY for ethnic foods and treats. Somehow, it all rubbed off on me – I can’t pass a bakery case without taking pictures! Exploration, discovery, and foods are my passions. There is a special feeling when I’m on vacation and traveling, and I can’t get enough!




I caught the travel bug from Steve! In the early years of our marriage we would spend get away weekends in New York, see broadway shows, and explore different neighborhoods like Chinatown and Little Italy. Bagels and lox from Zabbar’s and time spent at the Guggenheim or the Met were also favorites of mine.  Every time we spend a day in New York, I feel like we’ve been on vacation.


How it All Began


Ironically, it was our international travels that brought us back to New York with a new perspective. We were in Florence, Italy for our 25th wedding anniversary. One evening we were having dinner at a local restaurant. We started talking to some other people who asked where we were from. When we told them we were from N.Y., they expressed their dream to visit New York someday.  Steve asked “why do you want to come to N.Y. when you live in the most beautiful country in the world?”  Susan couldn’t believe what she was hearing! Steve was dissing New York! We lived in the greatest city in the world = people from all over want to visit! On our return home, we bought tour guide books of New York and started treating the city as a tourist. We’ve discovered that everything we could ever want in a travel destination is right here!


About NYC


New York City; one of the most culture and history rich places in North America, is a destination for many tourists. There are not many cities like New York. With it’s tall, beautiful buildings and scenic views of the Hudson river, this city is home to so much more than just concrete and metal. NYC is home to hundreds of different cultures and so many different types of people. A melting pot in it of itself, “The City” as the locals call it, is a place that everyone can find something they will enjoy.  Art Museums, thousands of restaurants, beautiful parks, and shows galore! Words cannot do this city justice, you just need to experience it!


Kornblit Tours can Help Your Non Profit or Charitable Organizations


Kornblit Tours can help your Charitable/Non-Profit organization raise funds. We have had success auctioning our tours at fund raising events.  Ask us how we can help your charitable organization.


Private Tour Option


All tours as posted are open to guests that reserve on a first come first serve basis. Space is limited to 15 people. We also can provide you with a private tour for you and your guests alone. Contact us for more information.